• Gitte Awwal

    About 400 employees of the Scandinavian Airlines decided many years ago to help poor children around in the world. In the beginning we were 400, and today we are 200.
    (The Scandinavian Airlines, is the airline of Denmark, Norway and Sweden together).
    Every month we pay an amount from our salary, and our elected board decide where the money shallbe used.

    In Hyderabad we started in 1990.During the years we have had 3 sponsored children.
    From 1989/90 to 1995 we sponsored Swarna Lata. Nagulu follow and just now we are sponsoring
    V. Bhavani.

    We have been glad to help the Hyderabad Children’s Aid Society for 20 years, and learn how the money are used.It is our hope that you have many years ahead, and that you can still find the good people to run the homes.

  • Kiran and Neeraj Sharma

    We adopted Kiran as a tiny baby from the Radha Kishan Home (RKH) In 1975. We have the most wonderful memories of a lifetime of 35 years. As parents, (John and Robyn) our most vivid memories include seeing Kiran for the first time at the home and meeting the wonderful Mrs Dhage and Dr YC Mathur and the dedicated nurses who cared for her. We have really valued receiving the handmade Christmas cards from the children each year for 35 years. We treasure these greetings.

    When Kiran was 12 we travelled to and visited the Radha Kishan Home. Kiran enjoyed helping with cooking, talking with the children and putting on an afternoon tea for the children. Twelve years later we again visited Radha Kishan Home, where Kiran again had a wonderful time with the children and staff members. We remember their special dancing performance. Kiran treasures the beautiful stained glass painting presented to her. Kiran signed up to the program to support the work of RKH by a providing a meal for all the children on her Adoption day, June 14th each year.

    Our family has lived in India, Kenya, Indonesia and Australia over the years. Kiran completed her schooling in Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia, gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree. She works in the field of community development focusing on health and education, with a number of International projects.

    On Oct 11 2009, Kiran married Neeraj Sharma (from Delhi) in a wonderful Indian-Australian ceremony
    on the beach in Sydney, Australia. Kiran looks forward to returning to India in the near future, and
    most importantly visiting RKH.From our hearts we thank you for caring for Kiran, and giving us the opportunity to bring up a most
    wonderful daughter. Kiran is a ‘ray of light’ to us all!

  • Maya Ruijs

    The first time we visited the home in 2003. it was unforgettable for me and my family. My brother, sister and me stayed one night sleeping in the home it was amazing. Our second visit was in 2005. we went to the Zoo with all the children. There we had a picnic and played Dutch and Indian Games. This year (2010) a movie day with popcorn and sweets were arranged another unforgettable experience. It is always amazing to be at the home to see the children and staff. I hope to see you soon.

  • Dory Elie

    The last time I visited RK Home was in November 2008. It was nice to be back there to see the staff and the children. I enjoyed an afternoon with drama and dance with the children. And I was impressed again about the education you give the children. They do not only have good possibilities for studies, but you also give so much attention to human values: how to use talents, respect for yourself and for others. All children looked happy and that was what they told me when I talked with them. It is in the way Mrs Dhage did. I met her in 1978 and I was very impressed about the RK Home, the Home my daughter Anita Stephanie came from. She came from RK Home in august 1975. She was only 8 months then and now she a young lady of 35. She is happy and lives in Amsterdam . She is a dutch lady but on the other hand she also feels Indian. I am very proud of her. I also have good remembers of Mrs Shasikula (I hope I write her name correct). She took care of Anita when she was in RK Home when she was a baby. During the years I visited RK Home many times and I hope to come again. With best wishes for you, the staff and children of RK Home.

  • Jan Zuidgeest

    It is already 18 years ago, that I came for the first time to Hyderabad Children›s Aid Society. I was surprised about the well organised organisation, which was helping children in need. To be in such type of home with many facillities should be a pleasure for the kids. I came to know, that Mrs Khanna is a source of inspiration for her staff, but also for peple of Hyderabad, who came to yhe homes to do somethiong good for the children. It was always a pleasure to be in the homes, to speak with Mrs. Khanna and the children. I wish Hyderabad Children›s Aid Soiety all the support as long as children are in need. I wish Mrs. Khanna and her staff all the best. Many congratulaions with 60 years of serving needy children.


    Visited the Bal Nivas. It is for children who, due to circumstances have either become vagrant or who have no one in the world to look after. Often such children fall a prey to bad habits and become victims of unscrupulous persons to commit crimes for which they may even suffer imprisonment. Such children are housed in the Home, taken care of and given education and training so that they may become healthy citizens of the State. Many of the children I found in the Home are those who have been punished and have been sent by the Court. Such work is praiseworthy and is very vital and essential for the well-being of the Society and is a work of great benefaction. I am glad to note that the attention paid to them is such that they turn out to be useful and good citizens of the country that, indeed, is great contribution to the Nation. All That I Saw made me very happy.

  • Chandrakala

    Honourable Chief Guest, Dignitaries on the dais. The Trustees of the V.K.Dhage Trust, The Management of Hyderabad Children’s Aid Society, Dear Aunties, my dear brothers and sisters and dear friends. It is a great Honour for me to represent thousands of children who have been brought up and educated in the last 55 years to become responsible citizens of our country. I bow my head in reverence to the founders of Radha Kishan Homes my dear father Shri Venkat Krishnaji Dhage and my Amma Smt. Tehminabai Dhage who made all things possible for thousands of my brothers and sisters including me.

    We had a very happy and comfortable childhood. Amma was more than a mother, very affectionate and caring and protective. She trained the girls in cooking, tailoring, art and craft besides giving great importance to value based education. We were all sent to school and encouraged to go up for higher education. I joined medico-nursing course at Andhra Mahila Sabha. After passing out I joined NIMS and I am drawing a salary of Rs.10, 000/- P.M.

    After our Amma’s sad demise in June, 1990 Khanna Amma showered abundant love and care. With the help of Dr. Rama Lakshmi and other Managing Committee Members, donors and well-wishers she performed my marriage in great style. My husband is a Bank Employee. We are blessed with two daughters and are leading a happy and comfortable life.All this would not have been possible for me and many others who were picked up from the dust and
    given a respectable identity. I find no words to express my gratitude for belonging to such a large and beautiful family. I have a sense of belonging. I can come with my family to my maika (mother’s house) whenever I like. I can even spend a week here and have a happy holiday. God has been very kind to me. I pray to him for the success and prosperity of my Home, which has given life, dignity and hope to thousands of under privileged children of the Society.

  • Ramchandra Rao Deshkulkarni

    I’m 29 year-old, M.B.A Graduate. I work as a Businessman as well Freelance H.R & Corporate Trainer at Hyderabad , A.P, and India. At R.K Homes, I studied Till and they gave me a wonderful opportunity to open my mind and gain a lot of knowledge which helped me a lot to decide the career I want for my future. I like the way they taught! I believe can open a lot of doors in the world, and can lead a very good life. What I’m now just for the sake of this quality of Education. I personally thank all of the team including my Madams who gave me lot of Love, Care, and their wonderful support for all the time whenever I need. I liked the most about this institution that they help poor & disabled students to develop themselves in all the aspect including studies, language skills, sports, self employment training and etc.. With excellent atmosphere, it just awesome I can’t forget.


    “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

  • Johan

    Since 11 years I am visiting Radha Kishan Home every year. Together with my wife Sandhya, who is a daughter of this home, we try to contribute to the good work which is being done here. We have great respect for all the people who are working as a volunteer or employee in RKH. These people are able with hard work and passion to give these children a better future en a happy childhood. Children who are grown up are still welcome to the home. Girls who became wives and are pregnant are most welcome to deliver the baby in Radha Kishan Home and they will learn how to take care of the baby. Every year when I visit The Radha Kishan Home I walk trough the gate and it feels like coming home again.

  • Jytte and Finn Ortved Petersen

    My wife and I were allowed to have one more child besides Nilima and Purnima. Mrs Dhage said: “Who do you want”, and showed me 17 babies. It was difficult. At that time a girl, a little older than Purnima, came and hold my hand many times. I selected her, and she came to our home 3 month later. Her name was Radhika. At the home there was another 3 girls for adoption. Their parents had been waiting as long time as we had. I was asked to bring them with me back home to Denmark, and said yes. Suddenly passports were ready at the Lufthansa office in Madras, and Lufthansa tickets too.

    And after 5 days tour to India I returned to Denmark with 4 girls. I believe that you as I once in your life have had a very special good experience. Such one I had when I left Hyderabad. On the last day mrs. Dhage came to me. We were alone. Then she laid her head against my chest, I can still feel where it was near my heart. I believe she had never done so to other foreigners before or after. Quietly she said: “Mr Finn Petersen, we have so much red tape her in India, and it is difficult for me to get enough money for the home. Will you help me when you are back in Denmark”. I said yes to her, and when I came back to Denmark my wife and I started Hyderabadfonden. During the 36 years since the visit, we have been glad to send millions of rupees to the home. We love India, people of India, Hyderabad,  the Homes, and especially that the Homes are still run in the spirit of mrs. Dhage. Both my wife and I together with our 3 daughters, had the pleasure to meet mrs. Dhage in the following years, and she was glad to see her girls growing up well. One more thing about mrs. Dhage is still in my mind.
    We were at the home during Devali. The children burnt a lot of firework, and they had more to use.I was close to mrs. Dhage and I hinted to her if it was necessary to use so much money for that purpose. Then she said to me: ”Mr. Finn Petersen, she always called me that way, my children shall live like other children.” She was right, and we never again asked, what the money from the sponsors in Denmark are used for. For us it is enough to see the great advantage at the home every time we go there, because of good management, Dinoo Khanna, Jeny Gupta and all the people working at the home. For my wife and me it is a pleasure to send money from Denmark, and help underprivileged children in the world. Congratulations with the 60-years to all of you still running the home in the spirit of mother Teresa of Hyderabad, mrs. Dhage.

  • Mother Teresa of Hyderabad

    I came to India and Hyderabad for the first time in August 1974. Hyderabad was much different from today.There was no houses around the Radha Kishan Homes, and only less traffic. Cars were nearly all Ambassadors, which can still be seen. At that time, I had only visited other European countries and USA. Therefore Hyderabad was a dramatic difference to what I had seen before. My wife Jytte and I had already adopted one Indian girl. She was from Mumbai, and at that time nearly 3½ year. We loved her so much, that we wished to get a sister for her.

    During one year we had every month been promised, that the new sister, Purnima, would come very soon from Radha Kishan Homes. We had received a picture of her, and felt that she was our daughter already. One day, we said to ourselves. If she is not here on the 1st of August we will go to India and see if she is still alive. When the day occurred I bought a ticket. The only thing I knew about India was, that I should be patient and wait.
    I landed in Chennai, at that time Madras, because I was told, that the passport for Purnima was there. I was also told, that Lufthansa should handle the ticket and at the same time get the passport. I went to the Lufthansa office, and stayed there more than 7 hours. I am later been told, that they didn’t know, what they should do with me. At last they said, that if I went to Hyderabad next morning, they would get the passport for me. The next morning my shaver was missing. Therefore I had to be shaved in the street in Hyderabad O, what a difference. With a shaved face I later the same day, went to the home. Luckily, Purnima was there.

    At the same time I met Mrs. Dhage for the first time. What a great thing to meet her. She stood there in front of me, not high by nature, but with an aura around her. I could see that the children loved her, and she loved them. Later I was told the story about her life, and I know from the very beginning that she was Mother Theresa of Hyderabad.